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Sometimes I wish I was still a kid.  Kids know who their heros are and they don’t forget about them.  They spend their afternoons pretending to be them, their Halloweens dressing up as them, and their dreams to become them.  

A hero is nothing more than a great leader; leadership starts with just a little love and a lot of positivity.  The mark of a GREAT mentor is that of a person who spends the time to reflect upon their own heros and motivators.  They understand that the true way to love people is to convey unconditional support and encouragement; they remember how great it feels to be inspired.  Inspiration comes when your childlike innocence returns to you, enabling you to believe again that you CAN do anything. 

"A leader is a dealer in hope." -Napolean Bonaparte BE INSPIRED TO DEAL HOPE!

As we all progress in our development from child, where everything in our understanding is either black or white, into adulthood, we have all been blessed with various mentors along the way to help guide, inspire and motivate us to understand the grey areas of the lives we live.  Often, the people we least expect to inspire us are the ones who change our lives with the most impact.  They leave a rippling effect upon our memory and it changes us for forever.  There is something about their presence and their words that makes us believe in ourselves more than we ever dared to before.  Just the thought of their support or guidance makes us feel loved, safe and inspired.  These are the people who not only remind us of that childhood mentality, but actually revitalize it in us; these are the people who make us remember that we CAN change the world.

As you reflect on these mentors, mother figures and motivators in your life, think about the milestones in your life that connects you to these people.  Realize that everyone crosses your path for a reason, and whether you spent a few hours, a few days, or a few years with someone doesn’t necessarily determine the degree to which they can change and inspire your life.  Your own kindness and silent leadership may be changing and influencing lives you would have never realized. 

It is though our mentors that we are empowered back to the invincibility of childhood; embrace this and today, live your day how you dream it to be.

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