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I know someone who did 1,000+ pull-ups yesterday, a feat I deemed impossible.   Adam Chaney, a trainer on my staff, loves a good challenge. He master challenges however only because he gladly embraces the prospect of failure.  Before Chaney started the day-long venture of doing 1,000 pull-ups, he accepted the possiblity that he might only complete 700 or 800, and yet, at the same time, he was still confident that he could do 1,000.   The mentality seems contraindicative, but really it isn’t, for Adam has accepted that no matter what happens, he has control over this one thing: that he can be better today than he was yesterday.  This is a fact of life that Adam does not question. It is a trait I admire and pursue to master.   Adam understands that great achievements are never accomplished without the ability to embrace great failures.  

Launch yourself towards embracing failure, for it’s only when we are no longer afraid to  fail that we allow ourselves to actually succeed.   Failure is not an option for you when the word “failure” does not exist in your vocabulary because you know that even if you don’t accomplish “exactly” the goal you had in mind, that, because of your effort, you are still better today than you were yesterday.  That type of personal growth and development could never be classified as anything other than success.

Redefine the word failure in your life and start to see how, if you dedicate your heart and mind to accomplishing something, no matter how the path before you unwinds, it is a path of pure success.

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  1. Failure is an essential part of the learning process, and, if we want to accomplish any thing in life, we will face failure a million times or more in pursuit of our dreams.

    When a baby learns to walk, he falls down a lot. He fails…at first. But if he stopped trying after the first failure, he’d never walk at all.

    Fearing failure keeps us in chains. Facing failure sets us free


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