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It’s easy to get intimated by others when surrounded by some of the World’s best athletes.  I have had to pinch myself this weekend to remind myself that true wealth is in health, and that no matter how a race goes, what I really should be thankful for is my health.  I consciously chose not compare myself, my body, or my performance this weekend to my competitors, for I know that the moment that I begin to compare myself to others, I always lose sight of how blessed I really am. The fact that I can actually swim, bike, run, see, hear, and move my body is a blessing, and that is what I celebrated this Saturday at Worlds 70.3.

We are so often bombarded by messages on how be happy, think positively, and see the world through rose-colored glasses, but how often do we really take that stuff to heart? I know that we can talk the talk, but do we really walk the walk?

3 million people in the world can't read - I am thankful that I was given the tools of words at an early age, aren't you?

This weekend, as I was surrounded by the World’s best athletes, I focused on stripping down the layers of my life.   Being around family, friends and competitors helped me re-awaken my appreciation for my blessings, and this poster above couldn’t have said it any better.   I am grateful for my education, the ability to read and write and the fact that I live in a country where, as a single woman, I have the incredible opportunity to be free and choose my own destiny. I celebrated life and true wealth (that is, health) this weekend with my dear girlfriends from Davidson, my Aunt Sumati and my coach; it was a weekend full of wealth and health.

Think of me as you realign your thinking today back to what really matters.  Be yourself, love yourself and take the time to appreciate the great amount of wealth you already have in your life.

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