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I always loved unicorns as a little girl; they played well with my collection of My Little Ponies and Barbie dolls. I dreamed of real unicorns existing and of their beauty, which is why when I came across this picture, I was so struck by the depth of its message.

This desperate little rhino is laboriously dreaming of being a unicorn.  As he runs on the treadmill, he dreams of a transformation that we all know will never happen.  Simply put, a rhino cannot be a unicorn, and a unicorn cannot be a rhino.   We are the same way.  Sure, we can create healthier bodies and lifestyles by losing weight and toning our physique through resistance training, but fundamentally we are who we are for very specific reasons.  Love yourself for how you were created to be and embrace that.  Stop putting pictures of unicorns next to you while you’re on the treadmill and start loving the beautiful being you already are!


  1. Hola! I’ve been following your weblog for a long time now and finally got
    the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out
    from Austin Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the great job!

  2. I’ve got this t-shirt too. I wear when exercising to remind me to be realistic.

  3. I have this shirt. I will be Thor one day, just you wait. (going to the store to buy a hammer)

  4. Trish, great post. We tend to waste so much time and miss so much of life’s pleasures because we don’t look a certain way.
    I am reading “Bod for God” which is a good reminder that we are beautifully and wonderfully made!

  5. This is a great post and its an interesting picture. I too think unicorns probably have pictures of horses on their walls. It really does demonstrate how very few people are actually happy in the skin they are in. Its crazy that we place so much hatred on our bodies. We need to just be happy with what we have and learn to accept and love our bodies the way they are.

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