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The dreariness of early nightfall can make late Fall a depressing time of year, full of dark nights and cold rain.  Even though we don’t typically seem many rainbows during the Fall or Winter, I do believe that they surround us in our lives more than we typically recognize.  


Holidays are times that carefully balance family in the dichotomy of both joy and drama.   I challenge you in this time of Thanksgiving to see the bright colors in the clouds of tension.  As you start to see the silver lining in your storms during this season, you will see that you are surrounded by colorful rainbows that you never even knew existed. 

If you can’t see the silver lining just yet, or are bogged down by stress in some area other of your life, then I encourage you to think about the 1980’s character, Rainbow Bright.   Be thankful for the storms in your life, for those of the things in life that ultimately bring out the most beautiful colors in us.  We all can be Rainbow Bright at heart if we learn how to weather storms with the right attitude.

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