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“Stories are gifts: SHARE.”  Opening the doors of Starbucks typically excites me, but yesterday was different. The door itself moved me.  It summarized why there is so much power in human connection and I believe that the strength of this connection comes from story telling and memory sharing. 



It’s a beautiful way to think about stories and so very true:  stories are gifts and gifts are made to be shared.  When I think about the people in my life that I feel most connected to, they are the people who tell stories.  They listen to my stories and I listen to theirs, and even when the people and memories in our lives don’t overlap, we still are connected in the gift that happens during sharing.


This holiday season, as your schedule fills up with work, shopping, traveling and holiday parties, don’t forget to take the time to slow down and story-tell.  Rehash your favorite past Christmas traditions and memories, and give the gift of a story to a new friend.   Christmas is the time of sharing, and we all have way more to share than just material gifts.


  1. P.S. I am currently in the process of publishing it. I will credit you and link you to the blog. If you wish for the photo to be taken down, do let me know and I will take it out as soon as possible.

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    I was wondering if I could use your photo for “stories are gifts, share” on my company’s blog? :) I maintain our corporate blog and I’m writing something about Starbucks stories are gifts campaign.


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