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Life is fully determined by perspective.  Some people engage in the argument of nature versus nurture, but I don’t believe that either of those are nearly as defining as personal perspective.   The beautiful thing about perspective is that we have full power and control to determine our own. We aren’t born with a specific perspective, rather we develop our own as we mature and grow. 

Rainbows happen all around us, every day, and not just in nature. I’m talking about the rainbows in our lives, the mundane rainbows. These are the little things about our days that could be defined as rainy circumstances, but, if viewed correctly, are actually beautiful kaleidoscopes of colorful beauty.  I love these rainbows more than any others, for they are what fill my daily life with so much love, laughter and color.    If your feet are sore, but sore from dancing, it’s a rainbow.  If you lips are chapped, but chapped from playing in the snow with your kids, then you’ve got yourself a rainbow. Or, if you have caught a cold because you were taking care of someone you love who is sick, then that too is a loving rainbow. 

You may not be a natural at seeing the world through rosy, rainbow-glasses, but it is never too late to start seeing some colors.  We are never defined by our perspective of the world, rather we define our world by our perspective.

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