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Have you ever seen an apple-orange twist?   I have.  They are everywhere. We are all these apple-oranges — all very special blends of unique combinations that stem from both our nature and our nurture.  Interestingly enough, we too often get caught up in comparing apples to oranges, wishing we were either one or the other, when in actuality, we are a beautiful combination of them both.

I spent today musing with my assistant Ved over the self-comparisons that we inflict upon ourselves.  We are desperate to be something and someone we are not, and in doing so, we miss out on the opportunity it is to be ourselves.  Ved, who is training seriously for MMA competition, is impatient with his progress and finds himself wishing he was more like the elite fighters he trains with and admires.   The more he compares himself with his idols, the more frustrated he is with his own progress.  We all fall so easily into this destructive trap of impatience and comparison.

We have to remember that in order to be the best version of ourselves possible, we must first be patient with ourselves and with our personal growth.  With patience comes self-appreciation, and with appreciation comes true confidence.  Fight the urge to compare yourself to others; yes, use others to inspire and motivate yourself, but do not define yourself or your worth by them.  You are meant to be you, and no one else.


Be proud of the apple-orange-banana-mango twist that you are and take pride in knowing that there is no one else out there like you!

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