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The snow that blankets the East Coast today does more for me than just make for a picture perfect holiday and white Christmas.  Snow is a clean slate to the world.  It’s fridigity calms the bustle of the streets to a turtle’s pace and it peacefully blankets our lives with childish joy and fun.  While I do love a good snow-day off from work, what I love more is the introspection that snow inspires within my heart and soul.

During a peaceful family walk through the snow-covered woods this morning I felt like I was walking in a dream; it was a true winter wonderland.  As the trees shook and showered down their own mini flurry storms, I swear I could see snow angels appearing; they weren’t the kind of snow angels that one usually thinks of, rather they were little angels in each snowflake.  The message they whispered was one of peace, calm and revival.


Enjoy the snow today and allow it to renew you in ways that you may have never anticipated.  Slow down, enjoy the slippery roads, and make your own snow angel.

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