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My peppermint iced-coffee addiction serves well for some daily inspirations. This morning, while walking into Starbucks, I was taken aback by the beauty of painted sunrise sky. It was such a brilliant color of pink that it literally took my breath away. Thinking about the beauty of nature made me want to share my favorite skyline photograph.



Taken by my brother Nick in either Cyprus or Greece while on an archeological dig, I don’t know if it was a sunrise, or sunset, but what I do  know is that its beauty mirrors what I saw outside of Starbucks this morning. 

While I love natural beauty, there is another beauty that is just as powerful, and it is expressed by the people who surround us.  The beauty I’m talking about is the beauty of loving what you do and doing what you love.   It is the ultimate expression of ourselves and our purpose.


No one embodies this idea more than Nick, an archaeologist with and undying passion for three things: his wife, ancient archaeological history, and the Redskins.  Pictured here on a dig, he proudly sports a ‘Skins hat; the man oozes joy when you mention any of those three passions, and this joy is breathtakingly beautiful.


Beauty surrounds us everyday, in nature, in ourselves, and in the passion that comes out when we do what we love and love what we do.   Do you do what you love?  Do you love what you do?   If you do, bravo, you are making the world a more beautiful place.  If you don’t, explore your desires, your passions, and your dreams and make them happen.

Nick and his wife Joanie. Beauty embodied.

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