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Today, I celebrate my 101st post on Beautiful Body Bistro and in honor of the number 101 I thought it appropriate to create a how-to guide for mastering the art of a skinny, sexy mind.



1. Love your flaws.

2. Be yourself.

3. Embrace the quirks of your personality.

4. Learn something about yourself every day.

5. Compliment your body every day.

6. Make a list of things about your body that make you sexy.

7. Be generous to others.

8. Be kind to yourself.

9. Forgive others.

10. Forgive yourself.

11. Exercise daily.

12. Enjoy the exercise that you do.

13. Always take the stairs.

14. Know that a smile is your best accessory.

15. Laugh.

16. Laugh some more.

17. Laugh with others.

18. Laugh at yourself.

19. Take time to smell the roses.

20. Compliment the beauty in others.

21. Refuse to allow your mind to compare yourself to others.

22. Refuse your mind to harshly criticize others.

23. Do what you do love do.

24. Create a ten-minute cushion in your day; live un-stressed.

25. Listen well to others — listen actively and with intention.

26. Stand tall and with great posture.

27. Walk confidently.

28. Never apologize for being yourself.

29. Never second-guess anything that you enjoy doing.

30. Focus on the good qualities in others; this will help you own your own goodness as well.

31. Be a peace-maker.

32. Let go of all grudges and instead embrace forgiveness.

33. Be proud of your curves — their shape makes you sexy.

34. Dream big.

35. Pursue your dreams with confidence.

36. Know that confidence is a decision to be made daily.

37. Honor your body with food, don’t hate your body with it.

38. Make meals pleasurable — delight in the sensations of food.

39. Always have a piece of chocolate.

40. Explore your strengths.

41. Accept your weaknesses.

42. Learn something new every day.

43. Do something every day to better yourself.

44. Do something every day to better others.

45. Drink water when you wake up, before you go to bed, and all day in between.

46. Find beauty in aging of your body.

47. Laugh at bad hair days.

48. Laugh so hard that you pee yourself.

49. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

50. Don’t take life too seriously — life is meant to be abundant, not serious.

51. Life is short; pursue making the most out of every day.

52. Wear pretty undies — you’ll always feel sexy.

53. Splurge on yourself EVERY day.

54. Give compassion to others.

55. Be generous with your free time —- volunteer.

56. Money doesn’t buy happiness or sexiness; be generous with your money & it will come back ten-fold in blessings.

57. Be the first person to say hi.

58. Always greet others — say hi and bye — and use their first names.

59. Cherish your character above all else.

60. Forgive yourself for over-indulgences.

61.  Know that life is a special occasion: live it to the max.

62. Personality is contagious: let yours flourish.

63. Surround yourself with positive, happy people.

64. Act confidently, even if you don’t feel it yet.

65. Kiss generously (the French do).

66. Sleep eight hours every night.

67. Do not let fear dominate anything about the way you live your life.

68. Run towards that which scares you.

69. Embrace rejection.

70.Know  that every day is a clean slate and a world of possibilities.

71. Tell others how you feel about them.

72. Take criticism positively.

73. Expect good things to happen to you.

74. Love yourself in order to love others more.

75. Create signature staples in your wardrobe.

76. Have a favorite color.

77. Identify something sexy about every part of your body.

78. Wear clothes that flatter your curves; wear them with confidence.

79. Express your gratitude freely to others.

80. Make others feel appreciated.

81. Appreciate yourself.

82. Stretch your body daily.

83. Pray (or meditate/align your peace) every morning and every evening.

84. Stress destroys one’s health: live as stress-free as you can.

85. Disown tanning beds. Instead, spend more time outside and get natural Vitamin D from the sun.

86. Eliminate all toxins from your life (toxic food, toxic people, etc).

87. Explore the world.

88. Explore yourself.

89. Own your insecurities. In acknowledging them, you are taking the first step towards over-coming them. 

90. Moisturize your skin daily.

91. Look everyone directly in the eyes when speaking to them.

92. Be generous with your heart.

93. Be generous with your time.

94. Be generous with your money.

95. Be generous with your laughter.

96. Take pleasure in the small details of your day-to-day life.

97. Let go of your past and live in the present.

98. Eat meals with others.

99. Indulge in a spa day — you deserve it.

100. Perfect posture makes you look taller and thinner.

101. Perfect posture exudes confidence, and confidence is the key to a skinny, sexy mind.

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