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I believe that it is possible to squeeze happiness out of every moment in life.  The priorities and expectations that you set for yourself in any given day will ultimately determine the rest of your life, or at least your attitude towards living.   Happiness is like a breakfast of champions — it will guide and sustain you throughout your entire day, and, as my mother has always taught me, happiness is a choice. We must choose our breakfasts — our foundations — wisely, for they are recipes that determine the rest of our days.

My breakfast of happiness began this morning with an indulgent espresso and Bailey’s coffee over leisurely conversation with a loved one.  Equipped with my pink mantras rain boots, the day continued with puddle jumping and only continued in delight from thereon out.  I dedicated myself to maximizing every puddle I came across and laughed like a little girl when I would master a perfect puddle splash.  Puddle jumping is like a dog sticking its head out the window — there really is no simpler, undeniable way to happiness.  Moreover, sometimes we all have to take ourselves back to a state of childlike happiness in order to remember how to be ourselves again.

Such a type of happy living, or joie de vivre, requires discipline, a discipline of a different nature than normal.  It is a discipline that is found in the ability to choose joy.  You have the ability to chose how you respond to your circumstance in life, so when you make your choices, choose your thoughts (and thereby your pathway) wisely.  Make your recipe for happiness full of fun, laughter, confidence and small pleasures and, in turn,  you will find yourself.



We can all live with an exuberance for life that surpasses understanding if only we start by seeking deep within our hearts for what brings us joy.  If something makes you smile or laugh, pursue it, and then, most importantly, share it.  Our world is in a constant need for a pick-me-up, and we are just the right people to start the movement.

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