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Everyone loves birthdays. Without fail, a birthday means a good day. The funny thing is, the day itself isn’t really special.  What makes it special is the attitude that you get out of bed with that day, which means that essentially, everyday can be a birthday.  When we expect good things, or good days, to happen to us, they happen.



Choose your attitude with care each and every day, each and every hour, and you will be gifting yourself with a new enthusiasm for life.  I love my birthday, May 17th, and I am confident that my enthusiasm for life will only grow with each coming year.   Every year I age brings me into new chapter of adventure, self-discovery, self-acceptance, and growth, what more could I ask for?





We must remember that age is  only a state of mind — how old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?  Be the age that you want to be.   Have the attitude and enthusiasm for life that you want to have.

Happy 28th Birthday to me!

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