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Une journeée est perdu si l’on n’a pas ri. – French Proverb

[A day is lost if one has not laughed.]

Life isn’t about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself, and one of the best ways to create yourself is through laughter.  Laughter comes in all kinds of packages, obvious ones and the unexpected ones, and a day without laughter is a day wasted.


Laughter is contagious, and like a good friend, comes into your life to stay if you allow it.   Surround yourself with people who make you laugh and smile, and as you do, your true inner self will delight itself in being expressed as well.  Laughter is a muscle, the more you laugh, the more you will laugh. The more you laugh around others, the more they will laugh.  Laughter is like sunshine for the soul.


Allowing your inner child to come out brings laughter in ways one could never expect.  When I donned this full-sized felt pig costume in the 90 degree heat of at the Houston, Texas Ironman, I made friends in the strangest places.   I had tiny children calling me Mr. Bunny, I had adults laughing, and I got hundreds of smiles and high-fives from the exhausted Ironman competitors as they pressed along on their all-day-long journey.



Most importantly, I stuck out in the spectator crowd of thousands so that my friend Nicole, who was racing, could easily spot me and be encouraged.  She had no idea that I would be dressed in her childhood Halloween costume until she was eight hours into her race and about to start the marathon portion of the day.  As I squealed with giggles upon seeing her, she broke into laughter mid-run and yelled out that I was crazy.  My mission was accomplished.  She laughed during her Ironman, so not only was her Ironman day a monumental day of accomplishment and determination, but it was a day of joy, laughter, and celebration.

As we open ourselves up to more laughter in our lives, we will find strength for the tough times and joy in the little things.  With these in hand, we have endless possibilities in our tomorrows.

Laugh on.

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