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I have never had braces, never had acne, and never needed glasses.   I was blessed with straight, very white teeth, sharp, 20/20 vision and clear skin.  I don’t always have clear vision though — and the distortion in my eyes is not something that can be fixed with lenses.



The reflections I sometimes see in the mirror are distorted by socially constructed ideas of beauty.  My eyes flicker out on me now much less often than in my past; I used to be afraid to see myself in a mirror.  The mirror controlled me and dictated my worth for the day based on whether or not my abs looked defined or my cheeks looked chubby.  We all will have days of distorted mirrors, but it’s how we allow those days to affect us that matters.




What is your mirror vision and how do you see yourself?  If the mirror haunts you or morphs your understanding of self, then it’s time to start looking at your reflection with new glasses.   Train your mind to be your vision.   The more you can shut out the unrealistic (photo-shopped) societal standards of beauty, the more you will finally be able to see yourself for who you are in your reflection.

Remember, our image in the mirror has nothing to do with our incredible worth, and more often than not, we will never be able to fully see ourselves for how beautiful we are.

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  1. The reflection is within our soul, all good things are from God.

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