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Our bodies are smarter than we are.  I would even go as far as calling my body a genius.  You see, my body is smarter than me, it never lies, and it sees right through every lie I try to get by it.  My body knows the truth of how I treat it or mistreat it.



I tell my clients the same thing — you can’t sneak anything past your body.  Whether you are under-eating, over-eating, under-sleeping or over-working, your body knows.  If you listen well enough, you will hear your body speaking to you.   Today, my body spoke loud and clear to me after a six-hour brick (swim, bike, run) workout from which I hadn’t properly fueled myself. I went from feeling great on post-exercise endorphins, to a full-blown migraine and four hour nap.  The migraine continued until I ate enough food, an amount of food that was significantly more than I normally like to eat, but then again, I did a significantly longer workout than usual and I can’t sneak that past my body.

If you sneak food, your body knows.  If you deprive yourself from nutrients, your body knows.   If you forego a proper amount of exercise and activity, your body knows.  If you allow stress to rule your lie and dictate your sleep patters, your body knows.   There is no getting around it.  You can fool yourself, you can fool your friends, and you can even fool your trainer, but your body will never lie.  Moreover, if you change nothing nothing will change, and the change your body demands is that you actually start listening to it.

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