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I’ve been consumed with the word greatness recently, and it is a word that I don’t typically dwell on, but, for whatever reason, Lady Gaga’s current Edge of Glory song seems to be on repeat in my subconscious.  We all have the capacity for greatness within us, and I believe that we all have a specific purpose in life to fulfill, but too often we give up on our own greatness out of fear, self-doubt, and conformity.  We give up when the going gets tough.  We are the on brink of greatness and often don’t even know it.



I think that Coco Chanel has the answer to the conundrum of this natural quest for greatness that lies in all of us. She brilliantly instructed that “in order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”   Those that are irreplaceable are truly great. They are those in this world who follow the beat of their own drum, who live passionately, and who live on the edge of glory.

I am proud to wear Coco’s perfumes, my daily Coco Chanel Mademoiselle has always uplifted me, but now it is Coco herself that I aspire to emulate.  She didn’t live on the edge of glory, she lived in glory and in her own uniqueness.

You are on the brink of greatness — perhaps in your career, your personal life, or your personal life — be irreplaceably yourself no matter what, and, no matter how tough your path gets, don’t turn your back on greatness.

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