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Resisting the temptation to compare oneself to others is a lot easier said than done, but thankfully we are given daily opportunities to challenge us in this area.  Like a muscle, a mentality of self-acceptance must be trained, and trained often.

I myself am prone to frustration when I get caught in the trap of comparing, just today on my bike ride I was reminded of the importance of being mentally sharp and innately self-accepting, no matter how sluggish, off, or slow I might feel one day.  Typically, the  frustration I feel when I compare myself to others inevitably snowballs into an avalanche of self-doubt, self-criticsm and defeatism.


Think of these tests as gifts.  They are gifts that keep us humble and sharpen our own self-identity if we take the time to analyze exactly what drove us to comparing ourselves to someone else.  Even Adolf Hitler knew the importance of embracing one’s own individualism, which seems quite contrary to his militant beliefs, but the above quotation is a well worded gentle reminder that I think we all need one day or another.

Let’s all stop insulting ourselves, it’s just not worth the emotions.

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