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Kona, Hawaii is currently crawling with the top triathletes in the world in preparation for the Ironman World Championships taking place there this weekend.  Among the elite, I am proud to say that two very good friends of mine, Kelly Fillnow and Molly Roohi, are also preparing to compete with the best of the best.   More than simply wish them luck, I wish to thank them for being instrumental in my circle of influence, for these two girls work harder than anyone I know, they believe in themselves with fierce confidence, and they compete in such a way that they inspire me to be best version of myself possible.

We all have circles of influence, but not everyone recognizes or values them as they should.   When you believe that everyone that crosses your path has something to teach you, you will find new value to every relationship, no matter how big or small, that you have.  Love your circles, for they are the very things that make you a better you.

To Kelly and Molly, I send you my thanks for the passion you live out that creates the sphere of influence around you that is impressionable enough to change me.  Best of luck in Kona!

Love your circles of influence and your potential in this world can be exactly like the Ironman motto: limitless.


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