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I like it when I am sick sometimes, not because I enjoy being sick, quite the contrary, I enjoy being not sick.  There is no better reminder of the value and joy of healthiness than sickness.   My body has recently been rained on with a cold; not a cold that leaves me bedridden, but a cold that has zapped usual natural energy, drive, and focus.  Everything is mentally cloudy, my throat is sore, and my body fatigued.  My coach won’t allow me to do the workouts I have been scheduled to do, and to be honest, even if I tried right now, my body wouldn’t cooperate.




There will always be rain in our lives.  Sometimes it will be just a light drizzle, and sometimes it will be a downpour, whatever you might be given, find thanks in it because rain will always make you slow down, and it is only when we slow down that we have the time to see the rainbow that is being created.

My rainbow is shining on next week, for when my body feels fully alive again.  The colors and joys of being healthy are within my reach, but, as with all good things, only comes with patience, so I will continue to rest until my drizzle of a cold comes to an end.

Are you seeing the rainbows in your future?

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