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How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something but to be someone. – Coco Chanel

What I love about traveling is that you are reminded of just how many people are in the world.  Travel, even just within the confines of an airport, is mind-expanding.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to watch a melting pot of thousands from San Diego, California, to Dallas, Texas, and finally to my destination of Richmond, Virginia.

Everyone loves people-watching, and airports are the perfect place for it.  We often don’t think about the reason why we like to people-watch, but I believe it’s because it soothes our souls (and excites our minds) to marvel at just how many “someones” are out there.  Sometimes in life we get so consumed by what we “do”, or by how our job defines us that we lose our identities in being something rather than someone.

Be exactly the someone that you are meant to be.  Stop worrying so much about the something you are supposed to do, because if you are true to the someone you are then the thing that you are meant to do will come true.

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