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I feel at home in Greece.  It’s an oddity, considering that I don’t speak the language, I am unfamiliar with the culture, and I have never been here.  Somehow, I feel unbelievably at peace, and it isn’t just the fact that I’m on vacation.




Home is where you are, that is,  if you want it to be.  I do, and I always do, which is perhaps why I find myself among closed off archeological ruins and native Greeks generously offering free glasses of wine.  Armed with my brother and my boyfriend at my side, the world is conquerable, and the world (or people really,) is no different one place from another.  It is simple really, and couldn’t be said better than “home is where you are.”

Be at home with yourself and be at home with the world in which you are living today, because if you aren’t, you will find yourself resentfully wasting time and days, unable to appreciate the beauty and greatness that is already in your midst.




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