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There is no moment like the present; not only so, but, moreover, there is no moment at all, — that is, no instant force and energy, but in the present.  The man who will not execute his resolutions when they are fresh upon him can have no hope from them afterwards. -Maria Edgeworth

In preparation for the New Year, it is worthwhile to spend this week analyzing just exactly how many resolutions from last New Year’s Day you upheld.  If you failed to execute your 2011 resolutions, it isn’t because you failed, it’s simply because you just didn’t care enough.

A resolution isn’t a resolution unless it is fully backed by your heart.  Anyone can go through the motions of making a goal, saying that they are committed, and aspiring to change their lives, but words are empty. Actions are the true measure of what we believe and what we desire.  If you desire change in your life, stop using words, other than to document your resolution in writing, and then, from that moment on, be action oriented.  It’s not enough to care about your resolutions and the “end product” of whatever goal you have in mind, but rather, it’s essential that you understand exactly why it is that you care.  It’s the whys of life that will fuel our actions when life gets challenging or when we are tempted to acquiesce to laziness.  The only way to care enough to be successful in what you do is to understand the “why” behind the care.

In 2012 be better than good enough.  Be better than the majority of resolution setters that give up on themselves when the going gets tough.   Shoot for the stars in your resolution setting.  Know why you want to do what you want to do and hold tightly to that motivating force to drive your actions.  Soon enough your actions will become habit, and your resolution will be engrained and mastered.

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