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Self-doubt is the little voice in your head saying “You can do it!” and the big voice saying “I wish you would”…listen to the little voice. -Sean O’donnell

Self-doubt is undoubtably one of the best gifts we are given. It serves as a sub-conscious marker to alert our heart and our gut that we have in fact stumbled upon something great, something we must achieve or do, and something that sets our spirits afire.

Sometimes we confuse the sign of self-doubt, taking it to be a sign that we just aren’t good enough, skinny enough, talented enough, or educated enough, causing us to stumble and settle into stagnant complacency.  We misinterpret self-doubt and we allow our fear of not measuring up to control our destiny.

If you hear little voices of self-doubt, rest assured, you are in the right place and are pursuing the right thing. Press onward and know that those little voices of self doubt are actually faint cheers of the applause to come as you do exactly that which you are meant to do.  Listen to your little voices, for they are the words that will dictate your life, your path, and your impact on this world.

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