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Much of what we do in life is like picking up pennies.  When we see a penny, sometimes we pick it up and sometimes we don’t.  Fundamentally, we always know that there is financial worth to a penny, yet sometimes its value wavers and changes depending upon our mood or our cynicism that day.  A penny is always still a penny, and it is the first small step towards building a fortune.   So too is every small effort that we put forward towards our health and fitness; every penny-like effort is an invaluable penny in our health bank of wealth.   



I love the penny rhyme that I would sing as a child:  “find a penny, pick it up, and all the day you’ll have good luck.”   Let us never forget this and how it applies to fitness and personal growth.   If you want to change your body and health, then pick up the pennies that sprinkle your way: eat breakfast, go to bed an hour earlier than normal, eat real food, stress less, drink more water,and love your body today, among a million other small decisions that you can make over twenty-four hours.   The small things and efforts that seem to be only worthy or equal to the pittance of a penny actually add up exponentially over time.   These pennies you choose to pick up can actually change your life.   Every one will be worth its investment.

Pick up every penny you see, both literally and figuratively, for life is lived in the small details.

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