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I am compelled to think about my legacy by the days in which I feel most unlike myself.  Yesterday was one such day, and for no reason other than having an off day.  Days in which we don’t feel 100% ourselves can be days of revelation to our soul, igniting us to pursue deeper truths about ourselves and the legacy that we will leave.





When in a funk, I am not able to give to the world the way I know I am meant to;  such awareness is like delayed enlightenment and it inspires me towards change.  Funks compel me to remember that I am here in this world to leave more value than I take, to love others in such a way that lives are changed, and to rest my mind and body immediately so that I can be 100% myself again as soon as possible.   Everyone has a bad day and gets into funks, it’s what you do with the funks that matter.

With the right awareness, our funks have the potential to spur great authenticity and momentum within us, so overcome, endure and be transformed so that you can love the world the way you were meant to.


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