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I recently was the recipient of terrible customer service, service so poor that the company doesn’t warrant a mention.  The thing I love about terrible service is that it reminds you of just how great it is when you receive excellent service.  Moreover, it’s a fresh reminder that people will come into our lives that will lie to us, speak down to us, and disrespect us, and the arrival of these characters is unpredictable. The reality is that we don’t have much control over the people who will jump into our lives at any given time, but what we do have control over is what kind of people we ourselves are in the lives of others.




Bad service and mean people are everywhere, and quite frankly, most of them don’t even realize how their actions affect others. Refuse to give these people any sort of power in your life and learn from their mistakes.  Be the type of person all the time that you would want to meet, because you have no idea how many peoples’ lives you might positively affect.   Live with love in everything that you do.

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