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There is no such thing as being stuck.  We are either moving forward, or moving backwards in life.  Improving ourselves and our ability to savor life, or re-reading past chapters of our lives allowing them to stagnate and define us.   Yes, our past is what fertilizes our future, but if we never learn to let go of the past then we will never be able to enjoy the flowers that are growing in our presence. 



Whatever your goal in life is at the moment, you will never be able to start that next chapter of your life until you stop re-reading the last one.  Forgive those who have injured and scarred you and forgive yourself.  Every day is an opportunity for a clean slate, and there is no day better than today to embrace that change.  Embrace freedom in your life; start allowing the chapters of your life to unfold and don’t hinder yourself with unnecessary re-reading.

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