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There is no better reminder of the metaphorical power of a detour than when one is in an unfamiliar city and gets first hand experience of detour upon detour upon detour in quest for a destination.  I am in Charlotte, North Carolina for five days, and while I am more or less familiar with the city thanks to my college days at Davidson, I am by no means a comfortable with directions around the city.



Today as I got myself a little bit lost in the streets, with no specific timeframe of where to go or where to arrive, my detours re-routed me into destinations.   Life is the same.  Our detours are often God’s destinations for us, and the timing and length in which we spend during these “detours” has nothing to do with us.   Trust that the “detour” that you are in right now is actually your destination and start enjoying the ride.   Detours help us see things that we would have never seen before, and often these are things that we must see and understand in order to really fulfill our purpose in life, so be patient and live with gratitude for where you are right now.

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