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Hide-and-go-seek with yourself doesn’t work well at all.  Wherever you go, whatever you do, you are still there with yourself and your shadow.

When battling things about ourselves that we don’t like or are struggling to accept, we tend to run.  We hide our heads in the sand, we pretend that we are okay, we tell others that we are recovered, happy, and free, when in reality we are playing a treacherous game of hide-and-go-seek that we will never win.



Running from what you don’t like about yourself won’t do anything but overwhelm you with despair.  It is utterly impossible to live an authentic life if you are running from your own shadow.  Whatever it is that you are avoiding or denying, stop.   Face yourself; embrace yourself for the qualities that beautifully make you who you are and accept the things that you need to change.   If you seek to know yourself, you will find yourself. When you find yourself, you will live authentically.

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