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Last week I lost my car keys, my house keys and a wad of cash.   Thankfully I had back-up keys and the cash was less than $50, but more than anything, I was frustrated with my own blonde stupidity of being careless.   Heeding the advice of a good friend, I have learned to look at lost or stolen money as a “gift” to the person who actually needed it.   I headed out to Providence, Rhode Island for the weekend with an attitude of giving, confident that the person who found my money needed it more than I did.


Giving is circular. It never stops.


I got back to Virginia from Rhode Island last night at midnight.  I opened my mailbox to find an unexpected check for sixteen times the amount of money that I originally lost.  Not only was this money unexpected, but it was a refund on a  “medical overpayment” from well over two years ago and a payment that I have completely forgotten about. 

Life is simple.  The more we live with an attitude of giving, the more giving that will come back to us so that we can then continue the cycle.   Blessings are cyclical and if you bless others in thought, mind and action, it will return to you not just ten-fold, but sometimes sixteen-fold.

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