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I have made a contract with myself to live outrageously, that is, I dare to live the life that I want.  On the surface, this isn’t really an outrageous lifestyle commitment, but it is outrageous according to most of society who resigns themselves to think that life is meant to be lived in a square box where dreams are squashed and unrealistic.  I am, and I committed to be, the little fish swimming against the flow, and I’m doing it with a gigantic smile.   I live and think differently, so of course, I swim differently.  Admittedly, it took me until about six years ago to figure out how to swim against the flow with a smile, and that discovery came the day that I finally accepted that it was more than just okay, but rather outrageously exciting, to be me.   From that day on my life has never been the same.


Dare to be different.


Outrageous living won’t feel outrageous to you.  It will just feel right.  Others might question you, doubt you, or project their own jealousy through discouragement on you, and, when that happens, change your swim to a sprint and continue along your merry way against the flow.  Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, and the only way to do that is to stop caring about what others might think of you.  Give yourself the freedom to be outrageously yourself and you too will discover new strength to swim against the boring flow of the faceless crowds, and you will smile with more joy than you ever thought possible.

Be outrageous: be you.

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