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When I get into a funk I get really sad.  It’s not that I’m sad about anything in particular, but rather than my heart aches for the passion that it’s so used to having and somehow has temporarily been quieted.  Yesterday started off as one such day, and as much as I dislike not feeling fully myself, I give thanks for those days for they remind me of how great it really does feel to be my regular me.


I have fix for funks though, and it’s a simple one: make small changes.  The only way for me to shake a funk is to spice up my daily “schedule” and live as carefree as possible for just one day.   Sometimes all we need is a little change, and yesterday that’s exactly what I did.  I put some spice into my heart by spending the day doing exactly what suited my fancy and just let myself have a complete free day in every sense of the word. I spent the morning working out with friends, ran faster than I was supposed to because it just felt good, spent time at a dog show with my parents playing with puppies, ate chocolate covered pretzels, drank Malibu rum poolside, read my iPad Kindle while in the water, took a nap in the middle of the day while watching MobWives and just had a day without rules.  Even better was that my boyfriend participated in the unexpected joys of the day by surprising me with flowers, cooking me a candlelit dinner, and asking me to dance under the stars at midnight.

It seems like I sure have a lot to celebrate looking back on yesterday, a day that started off with a terribly burdened heart and funky mind-set.   It’s amazing what happens to us when we decide to celebrate life’s moments, even on the days when the moment of life leaves us feeling outside of ourselves and bummed out.   The celebration of small things changes big things in us, so hold onto the small things tightly and let yourself have days full of spicy surprises.

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