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The small things in life are what really matter.  Your choices in the small things have a bigger impact upon your life, your body and your happiness than you often realize and the best way to remember this truth is by remembering that the small things really do matter.  Your decision to skip breakfast or not matters.  The time of day that you choose to eat sugar matters.   The words you say to your co-workers matter.   The words you don’t say to you loved ones matter, and the thoughts you think matter.


My beautiful flowers that were not a gift, but a lasting impression of quality time.


Over the weekend my boyfriend, who lives over an hour away, left flowers for me.  He knows that the past few months of being so far apart during the week has been hard on me and he knows that I value the quality time that we spend together.  When he left me the flowers, I thanked him for the gift, as he and I often talk about languages of love (if you aren’t familiar with the five languages of love, check out this love languages website).  He corrected me and adamantly stated that the flowers were not a gift, but rather a form of quality time.  That, the beauty of flowers was that they would carry me through the week as if he were with me, permitting me more quality time with him and allowing me to feel like I wasn’t in a long-distance relationship. The smallness of perspective amazed me.  What I had only considered a gift was so much more.

We can all make decisions to adjust the way we see the world and the way our small choices impact our lives.  The power of smallness, in both action and thought, can lead to magnificent things and lasting impressions.  Take heart in knowing that every small decision you make, be it in your attitude, in your nutritional choices or your relationships, matters.

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