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Every decade is remembered for some sort of great movement or revolution; your role  in history is greater than you might realize.  You, and the message you send the world, matter.  We are living in a society obsessed with weight loss, yet miserably unhealthy.  Our culture has a toxic relationship with food and a warped perspective on what a healthy body is and should be.  Your words and your reaction to these trends, if you are willing to take bold action to think and live differently, can make revolutionary changes.


Love your body and pass it on.

The thing about weight loss or body image improvement is that most people promise themselves that they will be happy once they finally lose that last 40lbs, or 15lbs, or 5lbs, but the reality is that when you deal with if then statements with your state of happiness, then you will never “arrive” at your goal.  You will never lose that 100lbs, 50lbs or 5lbs until you first love your body for being your body.  Love your body and let yourself finally be happy, and if you do, the physical results will cascade faster than you could ever dream.  



Join me in the revolution of truly loving your body from the inside out.  Let’s start a movement of being happy from within and giving thanks for our body, no matter how flawed we think it might be at the moment, for the simple gift that it has given us by carrying us through life.   Please watch and share the above animation clip; it’s up to us to show others that loving your body is something feasible that everyone can do.  Be a leader in change and take action with me.

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