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The most beautiful thing about truly being yourself in life is that it allows you to have the freedom to never have to defend yourself.  If you are true to being you, then that is all that you have to do.   We often get caught up in our culture of seeking approval in others and pleasing others.  All around us, the world is fighting for our attention: from commercials, to the demands of work, and to the needs of our family, we try to be everything to everyone and it is exhausting.  Unfortunately, being everything to everyone just isn’t something that anyone can do, and until we can grasp and understand this truth, we will never be able to be 100% true to ourselves.


Being true to yourself means knowing that you won’t be able to please everyone or to be everything to everyone. Accept these limitations and let yourself be at peace with just being yourself, because the moment you do, your beauty will shine upon others.


Let go of trying to be everything to everyone because not only is it a losing battle, it is an impossibility that will stifle your heart out of sheer exhaustion.   There is nothing wrong with doing your best to please those that you love and to honor your responsibilities in life, but, if you expect perfection of our yourself and out of your ability to please others, then you will never find peace.   The more that you are true to being yourself, the more your true beauty will shine upon others, blessing them in turn.   Know that you will have shortcomings and will not be able to please everyone; accept this truth and instead focus on loving yourself well so that, as a result,  you can better love others.




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