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In this world of billions, there is only a tiny, tiny percentage of people who actually have the courage to take action on their passion and goals and who believe that they can live the life of their dreams.  For something that we all intrinsically want as human beings, living the lives of our dreams, it’s striking that so few accomplish it.   Society looks at these achievers as either the lucky ones or  the insanely determined ones , but, after hearing the following self-reflective question yesterday, I now know that it neither.   A friend shared it with me and it is simple:

Would you rather be judged or ignored?

The reason we don’t pursue our dreams or step outside of our comfort zones is because we are all too terrified that we might be judged.  Out of insecure self-preservation, we choose to quiet our hearts and quell our actions so that we can live without rocking the boat and without the risk of being criticized. We fear the slight comments of people we barely know as intensely as we fear failure and, in turn, choose to just be silent.  We choose to be ignored out of fear that we don’t have anything valuable to really offer the world.  What we don’t realize however is that being ignored is the worst insult ever.  Ignoring someone trumps judging someone any day and any way you look at it.  Being ignored is de-humanizing.


I will not be ignored, will you?


Today and from here on out I am going to ask myself this powerful question every day.   When I doubt myself or fear putting myself out there, I will choose the fear of being judged over the fear of being ignored.  When I fail, I will pick myself up and try again, taking heart in these words, and when others criticize me for my mistakes along the way, I will stand proud knowing that I lived my life in a way that my voice was heard.

I will not be ignored, will you?


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  1. Don Reed,
    I would like to vote for myself, Tammie S Webb, on the song called “Forever Only You.”
    The site looks great!! I see you have done alot of work on this site since the last time I visited. I’m sure within the next couple weeks, it will look greater than it already does.
    Thanks, Don, for all your support, help, and encouragement. It really means alot to me!! I really appreciate you, all the work you have done, and all you are doing now. May God continue to Bless You and keep you in His loving arms!!
    Thanks again,
    Tammie S Webb

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