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When I ever question whether or not it is really possible to do what you love every single day, I am reminded of my good friend Sue Dzurenda. One of the trainers on my personal training team, it just happens to be Sue’s birthday today, so a post in her honor is quite appropriate.   Not only do I admire Sue for the way in which she trains her clients with grace, compassion and brilliance (she knows more about the human body and spinal alignment than anyone I know), but Sue does what she loves and she does it, in her words, “every damn day, dammit.”

Yep, working full-time and running a household of four men (husband and three boys between the ages of 15 and 21), Dzurenda would be someone that you would expect not to find time for herself.  But she does; and by doing that, she is able to give so much more to everyone else.  Recently, I learned that Sue gardens every day.  Well, actually, “every damn day, dammit.”    She also drinks tea and reads.  Every day.  How she finds time, I don’t know, but what I do know is that she is proof that, no matter how busy-crazy your life is, there is always time to do what you love and what calms your soul.



When I thought I caught a glitch in her statement, I approached her today and asked if she still gardened in the snow and in the rain, sure that she would say no.  I was wrong.  When she said that she does something that she loves “every damn day, dammit,” she means it.

Let us all take a lesson from Mrs. Dzurenda and let us do something we love every damn day, dammit.  Never lose sight of what you love in life and the moment in which you are too busy to do the things you love in a moment that you must change the way you live.

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