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I’m on a mid-afternoon break from my local amusement park, Kings Dominion, in between a full day of fun in the sun and a late evening return to the park for some cooler riding and fireworks.  A sweltering day of 100 degree weather promised to be a challenging day, but lucky for us, the day proved to be the answer to getting to enjoy the park with no crowds and minimal lines.   With my brother and my boyfriend by my side, we had every ride in the park at our fingertips without thousands of others getting in the way.  The experience of sweating profusely and living from frozen lemonade to frozen lemonade made the ease of the day feel just a bit more deserved.


Take time to feel like a kid again; you won’t regret it.


At two particular points of fun, I honestly flashed back to being a kid, and flashbacks are not only a joyful experience, but a gift in and of themselves.  One was at the water park section of the park; a giant bucket would fill up over a period of a few minutes, and then slowly tip over from about 60 ft. above and dump a monsoon of water onto the group of people standing below.  It is impossible to get drenched by water and not giggle.   My second childhood flashback bumped me back during a competitive go-around of the bummer cars with my two comrades.  Bumper cars are simply an activity that can’t be done without laughing the whole time, especially when you are trying to compete with two boys.

You should never be too old to have fun.  And, there is never a wrong time to get a red tongue from your frozen strawberry lemonade.  (For those of you wondering, yes, I know that frozen lemonade is nothing but sugar.  I run for a reason and this morning was a thirteen miler just to prepare for my joyful day of reminiscing, and so very much worth it!)

Go out and do something unexpectedly fun!

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