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Today is a day of independence.  A day to be celebrated; a day of national pride, historical appreciation and liberty.  Today, the Fourth of July, means more to me than a celebration of the freedom that is granted to me for living within the boarders of this great county of the United States of America, it reminds me of freedom that I now hold to be true within myself as well.



I live free in my body; it is a different kind of independence, but one that should also be celebrated.  This is a freedom that I found after years of living imprisoned within my own body, fears and insecurities, and now that I am discovered what personal liberty actually means, it is something to be celebrated.

Sow the seeds of victory in your life and if you are living in a garden of freedom in your life right now, celebrate with all your might today.  Even if you are just starting to love yourself and your body,  the fact that you have started the process of independence itself is something to be celebrated.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

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