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For a large part of our lives we are handed a road map;  many of us follow it blindly, trusting that we are heading the right direction.  We are told to go to high school, then college, then to get jobs or to go to graduate school, and then, once we find ourselves in our “careers” we find out that we actually aren’t really sure where we are going or where we were going in the first place.   Sometimes we skip steps, sometimes we redefine steps, and sometimes we just stop stepping all together.

Take the next step in life and start following your own map, the one which lies in your heart and deserves to be listened to.

My challenge for you today is to stop seeing life in increments handed to you.  Create your own road-map according to the purpose and passion that lies deep within you.  Open your mind and your eyes to listen instead of using your ears to listen to what others are telling you to do or what you have been told to do.   The world is your oyster, but you have to want to crack it open to have access to the jewel awaiting.  And, if you find yourself between steps in your life or in your fitness goals right now, then there is no better time than now to start mapping your passion.   The world doesn’t remember the people who follow maps, it remembers those who draw them;  draw yours and take the next step. 


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