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I love working in a large gym; every day is an opportunity to connect with thousands upon thousands of people, and interacting with such a large number of people results means guaranteed learning.

There is a consistent coincidence that I see.  There are people who always have problems. Now, everyone has problems, but there is a breed of people who struggle to live in peace.  Without having problems or something to complain, these people feel lost, and inevitably create more problems so that they can stay in their comfort zone of negativity.  We all know these people.  They are the ones who go from storm to storm and are never able to find the eye of the storm.  Rarely do these constant storm creators find peace or anything positive that comes out of their circumstances.


Be a leader in positive thinking; you are impacting more people than you realize.


Be a leader in your social network. Refuse to create your own storms and, if you are in a storm, commit to looking for the eye, or the positive aspect of everything.  Encourage the consistently negative people; show them a better way to live.  People need to be shown that life can be lived with more sunshine than rain and there is no better person to lead the way than you.



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