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Sometimes I wake up and just know that I need to bike.  Usually after a night of tossing and turning, I wake up and have a craving for fresh air and countryside, and that is exactly what I did this morning.  My favorite thing about summertime biking are the cornfields that I get to travel through.  It’s as if they stand tall, on either side of the road, creating a barricade from the rest of the world.  They block any thoughts that were previously consuming me and they protect me from the anxieties that I am peddling hard away from.


There are so many lives and perspectives with which to see something as simple as corn. How too does everything else in life deserve to be seen from multiple understandings.


Even funnier is that I hate eating corn.  I am not a huge fan of popcorn, nor corn on the cob, nor anything made with high fructose corn syrup; it seems like corn is everywhere in our diet these days and I have to be conscious about the ingredients in my food since corn likes to sneak in everywhere. For someone who doesn’t like the crop that comes from the stalks, I sure do love the serenity that corn lined roads bring me when I am looking to clear my mind.

I like it when I have conflicting opinions on something, like my relationship above with corn, because it reminds me that nothing is black and white in this world and that we can and should always see life from multiple perspectives.  I challenge you to see something that you typically don’t like from a new perspective today and be comfortable with being slightly uncomfortable.


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