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You may have never heard of Lottery Luck Chuck; his story is a story that seems unlikely to exist, but it is one that is true. Believe me, I met him last night.   Chuck has won the lottery three times in his life, and I’m not just talking about small amounts.  His first winnings snagged him a paycheck of $1 million dollars, and he has subsequently won an additional $100,000 two times over.   I didn’t get the opportunity to chit-chat much with Chuck, as he was spending the evening at the riverside restaurant where I met him with his wife and friends, but I didn’t need to know much more about Chuck than the fact that he exists.   If 3x lottery winners exist, then anyone’s dream can exist, yours and mine included. 


Your mega millions dream, the dream that lies deep within you, is waiting to happen, you just have to be patient and keep believing.


Chuck’s story seems like an impossibility.  But it is real.  Learning last night that it is possible to win big wins in the lottery not just once, not just twice, but three times is an absolute tribute to the truth that nothing is impossible.   I am thankful today for Chuck’s example that life really doesn’t have to have the limitations and boundaries that we set upon it.  Break your boundaries and have the courage to dream big.  Big things happen to people who are brave enough to let them.

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