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Lifepoint Church did something drastic today.  After a sermon on serving others, both within our community as well as to the ends of the Earth, Pastor Daniel Floyd put out a challenge, a challenge so different than anything I have ever experienced in church before that it warrants it’s own entire blog post.

We watched a video that highlighted one of the church’s recent trips to Guatemala.  In the video was a segment in which the volunteers were washing the Guatamelean’s feet, cleaning them with humility and love, and then gifting them with a pair of Tom’s.  The sheer joy and elation on the faces of the recipients was enough to bring one to tears.  Men, women, children alike, the gift of a shoe was beyond their wildest expectations.


Do something to help some else, and do it now because “someday” may never come. Take action now.


Before our dismissal, Pastor Daniel outlined ways in which we could get involved.  One option included some financial options to help fund the food services for undernourished children, and one included information on actually serving in Guatemala.   And then there was one other option.  This last option was a way to help immediately.  Literally.  Lined up outside of the church were about 10 giant FedEx boxes, ready to be picked by FedEx tomorrow morning and delivered directly to the small town of El Oasis, Guatemala.  The boxes were to be filled with shoes.  Shoes right off our own feet.  Of course, Lifepoint provided small paper-thin flops (think nail salon style) for those who donated if they didn’t want to walk around barefoot the rest of the day.

Imagine the elation that will be felt through El Oasis this week when 2,000 pair of shoes are delivered.  The unimaginable can happen.  There are people in Guatemala who have never even worn shoes, and some of these people will have their first pair of shoes ever this week, and it will be the last thing that they expect.  Thanks to someone, well, a few thousand people in Fredericksburg, Virginia who made an immediate decision to take off their shoes, they will be forever touched.

Every day we are presented with opportunities for action, but how often do we choose to take immediate action?  There is no better time than now to love others, to give generously, to pursue your passion, or to be the person that you have always wanted to be.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed, so leave and give to this world now as much as you can and immediately as you can.

And, to the woman in El Oasis who will be the new owner of my size 8.5, sling-back sandals, my greatest wish is that those shoes make you feel as utterly beautiful as you are.



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