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My company, Uncaged Confidence LLC has a new face and it’s one that I have been anxious to unveil as I have waited for the USPTO to file my trademark registration.   After much waiting, it’s time.  This logo summarizes everything that I believe in, but more than that, it represents the inheritance of confidence that my parents have given me.   Ever since I was four-years old, my parents instilled in me the belief that I could do anything.  They didn’t just tell me that the world was my oyster, they supported every dream and pursuit I have ever had without question and with total support.   After investing and providing over a $200,000 education for both myself and my brother, never once was there any flack from them when he and I chose to pursue French and Archeology studies.   Instead of trying to persaude us to any specific profession, they simply encouraged to pursue that which most filled us with life and excitment.  And, while my parents have only left the country a few times themselves, they enthusiastically support every international trip that my brother and I have ever taken (totaling well over 75+ countries visited / lived in between the two of us).   Supporting and nurturing passion in someone, even if the passion doesn’t make sense to you, can go a long way.  It’s life-changing, and that’s what they did for me.



The greatest thing that my parents could have ever done for me, they have: they have given me the gift of confidence and belief.  In my debt to them for this great gift, I feel that my legacy is to share this same inheritance with those around me and everyone that I can touch.   If you follow my blog, use any of my apps, have read my book, or just know me as a person, please take this inheritance as my gift to you.   If I can be myself and do anything that I set my mind to, then so can you.  Join me in the revolution of conquering life with confidence, and, let us all give a giant shout of thanks to both of my parents for all that they have lovingly bestowed upon me, and in turn, us.

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