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One of the coolest things about living (as opposed to just existing) is that we have daily opportunities to press the greatest reset button in the world: our minds.   There are times when our thinking is incongrugent with our true selves, and moments in which our actions reflect this incongruency in a more visible, external way.   Even the most positive person can get down.  We all lose our focus some days.  Everyone makes poor choices at times, and sometimes, life doesn’t go as planned.    The difference between those who choose to live rather than to just exist is found in what happens after these moments of incongruency; it happens in the conscious choice to realign oneself to congruent, and positive thinking.


Every day is a fresh slate. Every hour can be a clean hour of happier, more positive thoughts. Don’t forget about your reset button.


If you find yourself not quite being yourself, don’t forget about your reset button.  You can press this button anytime, day or night.  If you need to, you can press it multiple times a day.  Whatever you do, when you are in a state of negativity, don’t forget to press it because it is your opportunity to set your mind right with a clean slate.

I needed to press my reset button today and I’m proud that I did.

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