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I admit it, I have had my feathers in a ruffle this week. I’ve been overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious; I put too much on my plate and found myself off balance.  So, thanks to some great advice from some mentors of mine, I had a day of mellow yellow time.


Un-ruffle your feathers and take time for you.


Today, instead of being productive, I went shopping. Well, actually, I had a 90-minute massage, a luxurious mani/pedi, lunch out by myself for no reason, and then I went shopping.  My soul feels refueled and my mind has been recharged.  A day like mine today is not realistic for everyone, but I know for sure that some variation of it is.  Yes, I do not have kids or dogs and my boyfriend lives an hour away from me, so my limited responsibilities give me the freedom to do anything I want all day, but assure you, this kind of day is possible for anyone.  I wish this kind of recharge day upon everyone.

Take one for yourself.  Even if you just take five minutes, take that mellow yellow time for yourself.  I promise you, the return on investment is enormous when you take care of yourself, so make a decision to do so.

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