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Do you remember what fearlessness feels like?   I do.   I practiced the skill myself just yesterday.  Durning my day of R&R and errand running, I found myself driving by a bookstore with a case of my book, The Skinny, Sexy Mind, in my trunk.  Fighting off all of the reasons not to stop and my own fear of rejection, I parked my car by the store, threw some copies of my book into my purse and, with my heart beating faster than I care to admit, I asked to speak to the manager of the store.

I am going to help change lives, what are you going to do?

And while this story doesn’t have the “Trish Blackwell luck” ending that I would have liked (that would be, her having grabbed all of my books out of my hands and put them immediately on the shelves for sale), fearlessness always pays off.  The manager was kind enough to provide me with all of the steps of book submission to get into her company’s online catalogue.  Once I am able to navigate the submission protocol, she chimed in that she would be happy to help me set up a book signing. 

We all need to remember that fear is a liar.  Likewise, fearlessness is a skill and state of being, so, if it is something that you want to develop within your own life, you better start practicing.  What would you do if you were not afraid?

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