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Today, I am thankful.  I try to be thankful every day, but sometimes we have to be reminded of all of the very small ways in which we should be thankful.  My day started off fantastically with a day at the office, cheering on my team of trainers at a race, and running into my dad by happenchance at a gas station.  Then a wrench was thrown into it all.   As I was driving at 45mph, a large SUV rammed out into the road right at me.  My only option to avoid being plowed was to yank my wheel as far left as I could, which caused me to spin, missing the SUV by less than a centimeter and fishtailing me across three lanes into opposing Saturday morning traffic.  Shaking, I found myself unharmed, and my car untouched. 


I am thankful for the small things that keep me safe today.

 Today, I am thankful for all of the small ways in which I never realize that I am being protected and kept safe.  I am thankful for cautious drivers, considerate people (the SUV sped along their way, not waiting to see if I was okay), and the small pocket of empty space that was on the road today that kept me safe as I landed in opposing traffic. 

Life is good, so give thanks for small daily things that keep you alive, safe and happy.

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